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What is included in cost of paid events?

Saturday night hotel for 2-day events Friday & Saturday hotel for 3-day events Event stickers 2-way communications Raffle drawing w/ 3 top prizes Occasional activies (if applicable - activities that are covered will be noted on the flyer and or event details.) **Food and fuel are not included in cost of events, and are the responsiblity of the participant**

What is an optional night?

Optional night hotels are for people who rather not travel to the starting location the morning of an event. Optional hotels are NOT included in the event cost.

Are fuel stops planned?

Yes, fuel is planned out in advance for the entire event. 93oct, restrooms, snacks, accessibility, etc. is priority. Distance between fueling will rarely exceed 200 miles. If you have any questions about fuel stops for a specific event please send us a message.

Is this a race?

This is not a race, it is a rally that takes place on public roads. Apex rallies are fully planned from start to finish, so all you have to do is show up and drive! Checkpoints showcase Americana, U.S. History and include planned food and fuel stops.

Do I have to have a fast car?

No. Any make and model vehicle is welcome. However, it is highly recommended that your vehicle is in good working order, mechanically sound, safe, inspected/insured, and capable of long drives.

What happens if my vehicle breaks down on an event?

If your vehicle breaks down, an Apex team member will assist in troubleshooting the issue. Please understand if the vehicle needs to be towed, the driver is responsible for costs and backup transportation.

What do I need to bring?

**Mechanically sound and safe, inspected/insured vehicle **Bring your cell phone with data to support running GPS (We use Google Maps and provide GPS directions for the daily route) **Cell phone mount for inside your car **Camera/GoPro/DashCam **Pack for the number of days staying **Spare quart of oil for your car **Most importantly - YOURSELF and a great attitude!

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